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Three Gold Stars

Gold StarGold StarGold Star


By R. J. Rosamilia


The story of the three
Lewandowski brothers of
Lyndhurst, New Jersey


The Brothers

Walter M. Lewandowski

Born January 9, 1920
Sergeant, 3rd Marine Division, 3rd Regiment,
1st Battalion, A Company.

Alex Lewandowski

Born January 20, 1925
Private First Class, 9th Army, XIII Corps.,
102nd Infantry, 406th Regiment,
1st Battalion, C Company.

William J. Lewandowski

Born February 28, 1918
Second Lieutenant - B-17 Co-pilot, 8th Air Force
398th Bomber Group, 603rd Bomb Squadron.


Illustration by Jim Vrabel

General Eisenhower wrote:

“Ordinary soldiers unknown to the big picture
of history are worthy of every American’s study...
we need to learn more of the sort of men that some
of the multitude were; remembering always that
thousands upon thousands performed... gloriously.”

These words inspired the author to write the biography
of the brothers. It is a story of their childhood,
their family, their loves and service to their country.


Comments on Three Gold Stars


"It is quite a poignant story of a family that gave
more in World War II than was their share."

"Outstanding job...a splendid work."
WALLACE BLACKWELL, U.S.Air Force (Retired)

"I recommend that you read it and enjoy the
wonderful camraderie of this remarkable family."
CHARLOTTE SAVINO, Lyndhurst Leader Newspapers

"Thanks for a fine job."

"The book is unique."
CHARLES SIEGER, Director: Lyndhurst Library

I enjoyed reading about the family of one of
the young men who came over to help us out."
PEGGY WELLS, Nuthampstead, England

"I applaud efforts to promote this book."


About the Author

The author is a long time resident of Toms River, New Jersey. He is a graduate of Seton Hall University, the father of three grown children, and a former newspaper writer, columnist and editor. He retired recently after twenty-seven years as an English and History teacher in Brick Township, N.J. schools.

Research for the book included contacts that furnished information from throughout the United States, Canada, England, the Netherlands, Germany and many, Polish-American organizations. The author did some of the research for the book at the site of the 398th Bomber Squadron at Nuthampstead, England. Portions of the book contain eye-witness accounts of the service careers of the Lewandowski brothers. Information was supplied by Frank Morrison, of Wichita, Kansas, the radio operator on the Ellis/Lewandowski crew; Ed Wray Smith of Nashville, Tennessee, a comrade to Alex during the fighting at Apweiler; Albert Cone, their battalion commander, and Robert Keosian of Hawthorne, N.J. who served with Walter and was with him to his last day.


Ordering Information


"Three Gold Stars" can be ordered for $14.95
plus $2.00 shipping & handling.
To order, or for more information, E-mail to
Ray Rosamilia.

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